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  • Image of R.I.D STIX
  • Image of R.I.D STIX

Once again Tropical Glitz looking to give it's painters a Competitive Edge on the daily struggles with issues from dirt in paint to a run in clear to orange peel in the tiniest spot. These blocks are just like our flakes completely different than anything else on the market. Easily able to be modify on the fly to work on any project just with sandpaper and your imagination.

These blocks with their very specialized foam can handle any problem thrown at them. Having 3 different sizes to use. Between the flat composite side to get that surface as flat as possible or the Radius foam side for those difficult curves or the flat foam side to feather out and blemishes. Best part if you run into a complicated shape on a project no problem just shape the foam with 80 grit sandpaper to match the shape. These are the most versatile blocks you will ever find.

Always keep your eyes open for tricks and tips on getting the most out of your KXK Dynamics R.I.D.STIX.

KXK Dynamics focuses on developing products to improve efficiency, profitability, comfort and results.

Each pack includes:
2 White Foam Hard Blocks
2 Black Foam Soft Blocks